About Us / Founder Profile

Since the intellectual property rights areas always plays an important role within this millennium age. All aspects, both individuals or companies have greatly concern about how to best protects their valuable IPR assets as well as their enforcement worldwide. That is why they always need to co-operate with a professional affiliations or IPR agents worldwide for this purpose which can guarantee them safed and secured that their assets are in a good and professional hand.

Based on Nadya's extensive experience for more than 15 (fifteen) years in the field of intellectual property rights as well as her full commitment on the international development of intellectual property to meet the global world challenges as an IPR practitioners in Indonesia, she has established her own firm and is the founder of HarvesPat - an "Exclusively" Intellectual Property Services Office which located in the Depok, West Java, Indonesia.

Nadya obtained her Law Degree from Trisakti University, Jakarta and Master of Law (M.Hum) Degree from Tarumanagara University, Jakarta, Nadya also admitted to practice as an IPR Consultant as well as an Advocate. She has attended several IPR seminars and trainings in Australia, USA, India, Korea, and also Indonesia. She has been registered as an IPR Consultant at the DGIPR, an Advocate and a member of the Indonesian Bar Association (PERADI), and also a member of Asian Patent Attorney Association (APAA).

Nadya has experienced as patent practitioners, since she was trusted to hold in some key positions in some leading IPR firms in Indonesia (located in Jakarta), such as: Supervisor in the Patent PCT Division, Supervisor in the Patent Division, and Patent Coordinator. Nadya was also experienced as trademark practitioners, copyright and industrial design practitioners, and have a good knowledge related to layout design, trade secret, and PVP practices. Furthermore, as a licensed Advocate in PERADI, she was experienced in joining the Litigation team in handling business disputes, IPR enforcements, as well as dispute settlements in criminal and civil cases related to IPR.

In her past time, she has helped hundreds of clients, both local and international in drafting and translating a wide range of business contracts. She may act as an interpreter for various legal documents, and may engage directly in assisting clients to obtain their patent, trademark, industrial design, and copyright protection; managing their IPR (from filing to granted and annuities/renewal), and she may performing or advising clients regarding general assessment and valuation on their company IPR assets and potentials.

Nadya familiar with the IPR international organizations, such as APAA (member) , INTA, AIPPI (past member), AIPLA, and IIPS, and therefore, based on her past experiences, she as a person has been well-recognized in the DGIPR institutions by many of its Officers, and have built a good, strong, and professional relations with these Officers in the DGIPR office.