Layout Designs of Integrated Circuits

In accordance with Indonesian Law No. 32 of December 20, 2000 regarding Layout Designs of Integrated Circuits:

  1. Integrated Circuit shall mean a finished or half-finished product that contains various elements, at least one of which is active, which are partly or entirely interconnected and integratedly formed in a semiconductor to produce electronic functions.
  2. Layout Design shall mean a creation in the form of a three dimensional layout design formed by various elements, at least one of which is active, of which parts of or all of the interconnections in an integrated circuit and the three dimensional layout is meant for the preparation of making an Integrated Circuit.

Therefore, Should you are a Designer that has created a layout design of integrated circuit, a person, or several persons who receives such right from the Designer, and convince that your design is originated from an independent creation and such design was not a common thing for Designers, therefore, HarvesPat is your reliable partner who will assist you in protecting your design.

Our services starting from (but not limited to) administration filing and keep assisting during prosecution of your design application to its grant.