IPR Legal Enforcements

It is a truth universally acknowledged in taking care of our daily business and undertakings; we must be in want of staying clear from any possible legal conflict.

Nevertheless, considering the dynamics of the society at these days, not to mention the ever-increasing unpredictability of human nature, 100% assurance that no legal problem would stand in our way is virtually impossible. Instead, the closest that we can get is to minimize the risk with the best precaution possible, while preparing ourselves with the best strategy to face even the worst possibility.

On the other hand, should there is any party conflicting your good/reputable intellectual property rights, then there should be a discussion for best legal action taken to prevent from further losses, either through civil, criminal, or amicabble settlement.

When it comes to both, we at HarvesPat are here to assist you with our professional expertise and practical experience in the intellectual property rights areas. We are powered by considerably young and knowledgeable legal professionals with much energy to provide the best of assistance to each and every client. Their deep understanding and familiarity to the intellectual property rights laws and related regulations would also enable them consider the most appropriate solution for addressing every legal problem brought under our care.

Further, our advocates at HarvesPat have experienced in Representing our clients before the Commercial Court, and the Supreme Court for cassation regarding cases of patents, trademarks and geographical indications, industrial designs, copyrights and neighbouring rights, layout designs of integrated circuits, trade secrets, and plant variety protections.